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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do tooth gems last?

Tooth gems are semi-permanent and last anywhere from 2 months to a year, sometimes longer!

How are they removed?

Tooth gems eventually fall off on their own. They can also easily be removed by your dentist or orthodontist at any point.  You should never attempt to remove your own gems.

Do they damage teeth?

They don’t damage teeth! When properly placed & removed, and properly cared for, they are harmless to tooth enamel.

What are they made of?

The crystals are lead-free glass, the lab opals are silica and resin, and the gold charms range from 18k – 24k white or yellow gold.

How are they applied?

They are applied to the surface of your teeth with a dental adhesive system; very similar to how an orthodontic bracket is placed. No drilling or pain!

Can they be applied with retainers?

They can be placed around wire-style retainers, and most night guards, but not under Invisalign. Please bring your appliance with you to your appointment so we can be sure!

Anything else?

Gems can only be placed on natural teeth (enamel).