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After your Appointment

  • You will feel something on your tooth. This feeling can be very extreme at first, but it will fade with time. You will not notice the gem after a few days. 
  • Please avoid playing with the gem. In general, the less you fiddle with it, the longer it will last. 

For the first day:

  • Avoid anything very hot or very cold. If you must eat/drink these items please use other areas of your mouth to chew, or use a straw.
  • Avoid foods very extreme in texture: too hard, sticky, crunchy, tough, etc. Again, if you must, please chew them with other areas of the mouth
  • Brush your teeth gently the first night/morning using a soft toothbrush. Floss to make sure the floss can pass through the contacts between your gemmed teeth.

After the first day:

  • Brush and floss your teeth as normal! Please keep the area very clean! The cleaner you keep your gem, the longer it will last. Charcoal toothpastes are not recommended (in general, and with gems)
  • The less you use the tooth to bite directly into things, the longer the gem will last
  • Whitening with gems is OK but can weaken the bond overall if it is very strong or done too much. You can trim this area out of your white strips or not put whitening gel on the teeth with gems or go lightly in these areas. Keep in mind the area under the gems will not whiten.
  • Please tag me when you post pics! I love to see your gems in the wild!

Your gems will eventually fall off on their own. Unfortunately there is no way to predict when this will happen. Some of the factors that affect longevity: pH balance of the mouth, diet, enamel quality, position on your tooth, size of the gem, gold charms vs gems, and your oral hygiene habits.

If you decide you are done with your gem before it has fallen on its own you can visit your dentist to have it removed. I suggest calling beforehand to make sure this is a service they can offer you. Most dentists will include it with a cleaning appt for no charge, but all dentists are different.

Sometimes the gem itself will separate from its metallic backing. This is normal. You will see the shiny disc that the glass crystal sits on, and the glass part of the gem will be gone. Again, this happens. The backing and remaining adhesive can be easily removed by a dentist with polishing / buffing.

Please do not attempt to remove crystals on your own! This is not safe! Visit a dentist and when in doubt you can contact me with any questions.

Now smile and enjoy your gem(s)!

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